Reviews of The Male Art of David W. Haskins
Dear Mr. Haskins – Congratulations on your beautiful work! I like your choice and depiction of strong, mature men.

I received the prints from Shutterfly yesterday evening. I discovered a sample of your work by chance, side-surfing on the Internet. I am trying to reconstruct my original search, but I cannot remember it exactly. From Google I went to a website that included some print(s) of yours. I noticed your name on the watermark or elsewhere and did another Google search using your name, which led me to your website. I celebrate the serendipitous discovery!

Keep me updated. I look forward to hearing from you and revisiting your website.

Power and joy to you, José

Dear David,

Got interested in your website by scrolling the net in search of maleart/pornart.
I am a pre middle aged man ( 39 years old) who loves his own body and who is very comfortable being naked in public.

I consider myself as a more than average porn art model. Since I have brains too, I want to know more about the history of male art and porn art etc. So I came to your page and got interested in your life story and your magnificent art work.I must say that your story really impressed me and that I became a fan of yours instantly by seeing all the beautiful nudes. What a lucky man you are that you found your beautiful husband. Hope you are still happy together.
Of course the distance between the Netherlands and USA is big but we have the internet.

Lots of succes and hope to hear from you.

Greets, Richard

I just want to say David that you are my favorite artist and I feel you are the
best artist that the world has ever had. I haven't purchased your art yet but
one day I will, i'm telling you one day i'm going to be your favorite customer!
But yeah I'm just writing to say I admire and love your talent. Please continue
to do what you do!!!
Sincerely, Andres

I absolutely enjoyed your artistry. So reflective... I hope to purchase..


What a pleasant surprise. Thank you for writing to me. I had discussed the possibility of displaying gay art with my partner after watching works of art displayed in various TV shows on the logo channel. I did not want porn on the walls so he suggested that I google gay art on the website. I browsed several websites but the subjects and or the models you used were something I could relate to and as a result I did not have to search any more. I like tall tan men with facial hair. Those around me (relatives) including my self poses similar characteristics with the exception to my partner.

I am looking forward to receiving and displaying the prints. The next time I'm in Florida I will definitely try and stop by at your studio. ...looking forward to owning original art work that you create.

Thank You
Dear Dave:

Thank you so much for the background information on the art I recently acquired from your website. There was no particular reason for the choices I made with regards to the span of years. I just saw them on your website and admired them very much. I have now had them framed and am spending time with them deciding just exactly where I want them positioned in my home.
I found your website by searching for "male nudes". Several sites were available and your work touched me inside.

Please feel free to add me to your mailing list. I am in the market for 1-2 additional pieces.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to provide such a personal background on the works.

Respectfully, Robert
Dear Mr. Haskins,

I just finished reading your biography, and thought it was a hoot. I enjoyed browsing your gallery and your works. Not many of your peers show the less attractive side of their subjects, but I'm running up in the retirement years and have lost the 'girlish' (actually 'boyish') figure long ago and to see some else with a little pudge and represented in an artful form did wonders to bolster my ego.

I'm especially glad for you and your newly acquired mate. Me and my companion have been living together for thirty years, and both of the states I have lived in up to this time has not had nor recognizes gay marriage. I'll be glad when the U.S. Supreme Court gets around to bringing judgment against a state for not recognizing our rights.

Thanks for listening, and keep up the good work.

Sincerely yours,

Chicago, January 30, 2009

Dear Dave Haskins,

I was very happy to receive your e-mail of earlier today. Each picture spoke to me in some way.

Just IMHO, but I think "A New Love" is terrific! It's like an entire creation myth, and since I appreciate Latin American folk art and the (USA) American style of primitive, I enjoy that work very much.

I'm glad you are using older men in your work. Just Baby Boomer selfishness, perhaps: my partner and I are both in our mid-fifies. Progress has been made, but sadly, there are still so many places of the gay commercial culture that think "bear" or "veteran" begins at about age 37. I think a man needs a little treadwear to be interesting.

You could have fooled me that you thought "Heavenly Shores" didn't cohere. I don't as a rule get enthusiastic about six-pack abs, but the model looked so relaxed and confident I couldn't really say no.

My partner and I are framing and squeezing into our foyer wall almost as many artistic prints that we can buy, download or get from Public Domain. The theme is "male nudity," nothing more, and of course the wall will carry some classics like John Singer Sargent's wrestlers. But if not for the Internet and the recent visibility and abundant output of gay artists, there wouldn't have been enough affordable art repros. to make a project from.

I occasionally look at XXX vids and read Advocate Men, but I draw the line at softcore (meaning hardon) erotica on my wall. (Well, one or two items push the envelope.) Our project wouldn't be feasible if the field consisted of classics, stroke books and not much in between. I really appreciate an artist like you who understand that men can be fascinating with or without erections. Don't let anyone tell you that you aren't contributing to the culture in a significant way.

Of course, I'll be happy to be on your e-mail list.


Al, Chicago

hey dave;
thank you for your e-mail and yes you're welcome to add me to your list. i am just a straight gal that really enjoys an artistic approach to the male anatomy and your work hits the spot for me for sure. you do very nice work as i am sure i will enjoy it on my bedroom wall for a very long time.
thanks again and look forward to your updates,

Hi David,

I ran across your haskinsmaleart.com site last night
and I thought the pictures were terrific.

Congratulations on a great site.

SimonDear David,

I don't know what must be more fun: making these, or looking at them. They are wonderful. I loved "Love Found." It's very sweet and intimate. Your work seems to be about a lost world. I hardly know any men in their 20s who'd relate to these pieces. It's like their world is so cold, canned, and distant that it's hard for me to see them in it.


Hi there David,

Thanks for keeping me posted!
I had a (quick) look at your new works.
I really like Robert 1 – Relaxed Intensity.
One can almost read his mind from the expression on his face.
I like the way the look of the spectator (at least mine) looks at the face first
and then gently goes down over the hairy chest, belly and dick,
ending at the foot (which is very nicely placed and also very well drawn, i know how difficult that can be)
From both portraits you can ‘feel’ the love for the ‘subject’.
What a lucky man you must be having him not only as a model
but also as your husband.
Also Serene Beef is beautiful...and indeed very sereen!
Keep up the good work...
and the love for Robert!

Love and greetings from
from Bruges (Belgium)

Hi Dave,

Your art reminds me of a more European style. American visual art (painting, photography, film) compared to European visual art is like looking at the difference between a poster and a painting.

What has more depth, nuance, subtlety, pensiveness, and thought? A poster or a painting?

In your work the expressions on the models draw one in -- the artist without exception displays the intelligence these men possess - not sure if it's how you capture eyes or the other dimensions of the face -- but the sexual power of the art is as miuh driven by what you do with the implied personalities that come through the face and the postures.

Example -- I've been a photographer for over 20 years. As a young person and as a student, I spent a lot of time in front of photographers and in front of artist's.

I never was much enthused about nudes I posed for. The artist's "saw" the wrong thing. Male artist's who work in nudes often think it's their job to show the world the model's cock.

Well,,,, that's the American way.

We're a puritan society after all these many years.

Sure, we have freedom of expression, but give an American artist a canvas or a camera and all they want to do is capture the dick.

In europe, men accept the physical as a fact of life, and what they year for is what lies beneath the physical.

Example -- when you render a model's cock and balls -- i'm like totally blown away by the "personality" that you capture, if you will, in that part of his anatomy.

You bring the model's intelligence into focus with his body, with hs cock, with the thing that literally makes him a man.

And American artist's don't get it.

They're all about getting a model naked and saying "Look Look Look at me! I'm a great artist cause i got a model naked. Ooh ooh ooh."

In Europe, artists have known (ever since Michaelangelo) that a naked model is most truly naked when that mysterious connection he has with the artist revelas some aspect of himself that only the artist can express for him. No lover can pick up the model's sexuality the way an artist can.

I've long admired you work, and I was actually surprised you didn't grow up in Europe!

I love your work.

Your models are very lucky.

Most artists of the male figure do great with pecs and thighs, but the faces are cartoonish and obscene.

You give life to each aspect of your models. And trust me, I know how hard it is for models to get naked for an artist.

Thanks so much for you work!


Dear Dave:

Thank you for your email.
Today I received the art work in the mail---I love it!
I am in the middle of changing a hall and closet into a small dressing room in my bedroom. I plan on hanging the art on a wall opposite a mirror.
I just held up the art work where it will go---it is going to be perfect---and I will enjoy seeing it
Also thanks for the info. on the model, it adds a special something to the work.
Yes, please add my email to your list of clients.
I hope this note finds you well.

Cheers, Will
I received your letter stating that "Muscles and Light" had been shipped on Friday the 21st. The postman attempted delivery late Saturday while I was away from home so I had to wait until Wednesday the 26th to pick it up at the post office. I was the only customer at the frame shop so they completed the job while I waited. It's now hanging in my bedroom and I could not be more pleased. I was somewhat skeptical of ordering an artwork on-line, sight-unseen but "Muscles and Light" met and even exceeded my hopes and expectations . I am so happy with it. Thanks and please notify me when you add works to your web-site. Best Wishes and Happy New Year!

I found your website recently. After 35 years in the struggling with sexuality mode I am trying to come to grips with my own sexuality. Great thing to do after having been married 14 years, huh? Anyway, I was searching for male art and came accross your work. You do a wonderful job of capturing your subjects.

I read your biography and noticed you had lost lovers to AIDS. What an insidious disease. I wanted to let you know that I am sorry for the pain you have endured in your life, which prompts me to say I am glad that you have found someone who makes you happy. Because of my own beliefs, I can't act on my own desires and be true to the committments I have made. Truthfully, I have a hard time accepting same sex relationships as appropriate, but that does not stop me from seeing that you are happy. I wish you every happiness in your life.

I know you don't know me, but you struck me as a fairly decent guy and I just wanted to let you know how your biography made me feel.

Good luck in your work.
Dear David,

It really is a beautiful painting. I am so glad to be able to purchase a print.

As one artist to another, keep up the good work! These are beautiful gifts you are making!

Best to you,

Evergreen, CO

Fine paintings. I admire especially, 1) how you use light and shadow on the human body, 2) your strong modells with beautiful muscles, 3) their strong cocks and the naturally way how you paint them. I always get erection by looking them. I wish good success.
I make also paintings(amateur), but I can not paint naked men. So it is very pleasant to see your works.
Hi David,
My name is Terry Welling. I am a Canadian artist
residing in Maryland on a part time basis and in
Ontario Canada the balance of time. I found your
website as a link at manquest.com I am very fond of
all of your paintings, pastels, charcoals. The
male figure has always been a favourite of mine but I
have only had one class with a model.

Hi David,

Thanks for sharing your new works, they are wonderful. I enjoy the 'sketched out' quality. I am not sure if you use colored or pastel pencils or both but I like how pastels fall between drawing and painting in look and technique.

Take care and keep up the great work.

Michael Breyette

Thanks again, David.

Your work is such an inspiration for me ...

Particularly like "Henry's First Pose" ... tattoo and all ...

"It's Only Natural" and "It's a Latin Thing" are doing well ...
stimulating our bedroom, now.

Love from Virginia,

Bill and Brent


Mr. Haskins,

I discovered your website today online. Your work is fantastic! I'm also
inspired by your life story, especially by your courage to face so much loss
and to keep living fully, and by your courage in your 30s to leave behind
one career, take more art classes in Mass, and become a fulltime serious
Best of luck with your current work,

...not only enjoyed viewing your online gallery but also reading your biography, which I found to be poignant and inspiring.
Wishing you continued success,

As always, I think you are an amazing artist and the work is beautiful.

Hoping you are well.

Best always -

Dear David,

I really enjoyed your art gallery because of they many drawings of older
men. The older I get (I'm pushing 70), the more
I realize the important of knowing the importance of our personal histories.


your work is wonderful. thank you for it.

The way you capture the mature male is so great to look at!!!!
I only wish I was living down there and able to sit for you, I'm sure it would look better than any photo I could ever have taken!

Thanks for the link
Hi David,

Well ...

I'd like to be held by "A Great Read" with my face in his chest and
arms ...

Simply look at Mr. Congeniality (forever) and draw ...

among other things with the others ...

Great work! The plants and drape work (in addition to the figure work)
in Mr Congeniality make me especially envious of your talents ...

Anyway ... thanks for sharing your art ... I wish I could buy some more
... will be sure to look you up when I get some spending monies ...
keep up the good work ...

Love from Central Piedmont VA ...

Dear Mr Haskins,

Thank you for the kind acknowledgment. I did receive my print and am
pleased. In fact I am going into Lexington tomorrow to have it framed.

I looked through many of your paintings and drawings. This particular one
became my favorite. I am anxious to see it displayed on my bedroom wall.

The male form has always been of interest to me. You are right, finding
tasteful contemporary art of the male subject is difficult to find. It was a
welcome surprise to find your web site. Yes-please keep me on your mailing

David S.
David. They are so fuckin hot. You have captured the hottest men yet. Thanks for sharing.

Once again, wow. i LOVE you artwork... you inspire me to keep drawing, someday, i'd like to get as good as you.
Maybe even better than my inspiration ::grins:: but that is still a long way ahead.
keep up the good job!.


Hi David! read your biography, viewed your amazing art work loved both, my
favorites Erotic Exotic, Andrew's Feet, Free to Be and many more. You are
truly an asset to South Florida art community, thank you and many blessings.

Damn I wish I were in your area and could pose! Your work is fantastic and I would love to see if you could make me look good too!

hi dave
just getting a breath, and took a look at your early 2005 works. they all
look great but my absolute favorite is amigo from another planet. is that by any
chance the window guy? anyway the man is great and i love how you did him ...
ah... that is the negative effect.

You must get this all the time, but I felt I needed to show my
apreciation for your art. it's absoloutly stunning! every piece is
I'm an amateur artist, I dabble in it and draw when I can, in between
studying engeneering. Recently I started writting an epic fantasy
story which has been long in the making in my head. There's a scene in
it with a homosexual couple and to get me inspired I did a little
search on the internet. That's how I stumbled upon your page, looking
for inspiration, and boy did I get it!
Your work is beautifull! You've a great technique, anatomy is flawless
and the use of light is so efective. But more than this, so much comes
across in your art, specialy in the pictures of couples, you really
get a sense of love, acceptance and comfort in the pieces which I find
very moving.
Rounding it up: Thank you for your amazing work, You've inspired me to
both draw and write!
Here's hoping you carry being such a great artist!
Good luck in everything.


Your art is amazing.

I knew there was a reason I should have learned to draw or paint -- well hung naked men will model for you!

(Well, maybe for YOU but probably not for me)

Thanks for keeping me up to date.

Derek (in Birmingham)

I am anxious to be on your mailings. I had not previously seen your art but you're very very good.

I was awe struck when I saw several of them especially "Natural".

Applause to you for your wonderful work.


Hi, I just LOVE your drawings! I can't decide between "All About Butt" or "Andrews Feet". I was wondering if you are willing to work out a deal if I purchase both. Please let me know.
Thank you!

Hello David,
I know this is short notice but I just found you on the net and fell in love your work. I own Exposed Studio & Gallery and I would love for you to join us at this years International Erotic Art Show here in Phoenix, AZ.

Dear Dave,
I am more than pleased with your art work. I love them. Highly erotic! I tend to like hairy men so the ones I selected were right up my alley. I'll probably order some more soon. Thanks, And keep up the good work.
I just finished going through your entire webiste after reading about you in Unzipped magazine. While I was initially overwhelmed by your works of art, it wasn't until I read your bio that I felt compelled to send this email.

How ironic (perhaps prophetic) that I should read about you today as I am approaching (2/20) the 5 year anniversary of the death of my first spouse. The loss of a lover (as you well know) may soften but never leave you and I have been feeling so down as the date approaches. Reading your account of your lovers spirit ascending, reinstills in me and reminds me again that lvoed ones do attain a sense of peace and rest especially after bodily struggles. I will go into tomorrow still with sadness but also with joy after having the opportunity to read your eloquent bio.

I too am re-married (well as much we can be in Texas) to a wonderful man who understands the attachment that one can never leave behind for a former partner /lover(in my case-that was a woman). It also sounds as if you too are equally blessed.

I wanted to comment on one other thing in your bio. You talked about what a loss you felt with the death of both parents. I too have experienced that and just want to say that this feeling is so well addressed in a book that explains how adult children actually feel like orphans after the passing of the last parent. That made a lot of sense to me and helped to ackowledge some of the sadness. I believe my sister has the book now but I will get the specifics on it if you are interested.

Thank you again for a great website. This sure beat going into gay.com on a Sat. morning!! LOL


David you do wonderful work. All your models are hot and sexy thanks to you. However my personal favorite was "True Love." It is nice to see that you did not forget us older gay guys. Thanks again for sharing your talent.
Thank "Unzipped" for guiding me to your wonderful and beautiful "exclusively" male art ! But being an "older' (numerically, but NEVER mentally or spiritually !) gay man, I really like your portraits of the older gay couples. MORE POWER TO THEM !!
I thank the "Powers That Be" for letting my path cross the path of the wonderful young man that has been the "partner from heaven" for nearly three years now. We met at a male gay nudist camp over in AL, Black Bear Camp, and the chances of meeting and getting to know and living with my "soulmate" were so incredibly "NO WAY" that we both believe that "it was meant to be" !!
Keep up the very "positive" images of the older gay men--but, of course, NEVER neglect the beautiful "younger" naked and virile men that you have many times drawn in one way or another. If you have a "newsletter" of some sort, please add my email to it. Thanks for being the wonderful artist that you have become, besides the many obstacles at the beginning of your career. Looking forward to seeing many future "great works of art" !
Take care, have fun, play safe ! And here's a great big Bear Hug for a special guy !!
Adios, Ed
I am a collector of male erotic art and a professional artist with long term experience. I recently came across your site and enjoyed some of the works so much that I'm tempted to buy one.
Best regards,

I have added your site to my list of Favourites....I have always admired the male physique and you have managed to capture the pure essence of manhood. Sally
It was a pleasure to view your work and read your very interesting bio. Could relate. May your endeavor continue to enjoy greater success as the years come and go.

I can see that your models are posed in relaxing situations. It brings out the best in them and your sketches reflect their complete confidence in you.

...made my day.

Take care.
I am an NY artist that was browsing through the net for Male anatomy where a pleasantly ran into your work. Although I am a heterosexual male I feel that the capturing the human body period is the greatest achievement of an artist. I have always taken life drawing classes, but as you mentioned there is a big difference in the amount of male and female models. Your work is absolutely inspiring I just want to leave work and draw. The way you capture lighting on the body and interpreting the lines into such graceful works of beauty is stunning. I would of never thought to focus on the male figure in our modern time. Your work to me is fundamental to my growth as an artist. I hope to see your work in one of our musuems in the near future in NY.

Keep up the great work, and I did read your bio which is very moving. If your goal was at all to cause reaction there is an artist in NY that you have enlightened..

I just accidentally came across your pictures on the net. I think they are absolutely amazing. So much detail. I'm stunned by your art. Its absolutely brilliant. I think I am bisexual but I'm really confused. Im 17 and don't know what to do. You really bring out the best in men.
Thank you. Robert, Ireland

Your work is beautiful


I am amazed with your Drawings, i am going for the same major myself, your drawings have really inpired me to get better and to expand my knowledge. i thank you :-). ~ John.

Hi Dave. I enjoyed the new works, especially revisiting your embrace of sexual love, and the tender togetherness of the couples you've drawn lately. Read the updated bio, too, and I do understand what you say about the disorientation of losing both parents. Keep up the wonderful work!


First of all, I am proud and happy for you and your chosen passion for gay art. I first saw your art several years ago here on the internet and was impressed then as now, David. You have outdone yourself with this current gallery. I want one of these pieces for my own and intend to purchase when I get the funds together. In the meantime, continue with your work and much luck to you and your new partner. I will introduce your work to my partner, Peter as soon as I get a chance. He's the real art buff in our coupling.

Thanks again.

Dear David: I'm very pleased to report that I just finished hanging Construction Worker on the bedroom wall of my condo where I can view it as the erotic stimulus it doubtless was meant to be. I cannot help but wonder if you had me and my surpressed needs in mind when you drew HIM in 1995; I was then 66 years of age and still str8!!
I loved reading your biography; kinda feel as though I know you as a person as well as the latest artist to have invaded my bed chambers. (I have a reproduction of a great, great piece by Herb Ritts the original of which hangs in the Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles and a really neat photograph of my nekid ass, taken by an unknown photographer at the IMEN Gathering in July 2002.)
Incidentally, I'm not sure whether I was more impressed with the artwork acquired last Saturday or with the expression of appreciation of the artist.
Fondly, ben
Hello there - I just had the pleasure of seeing some of your work on the web
and I had to write and say what a great talented artist I think you are.
Your work is phenomenal - very moving and inspiring. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your work with
the world - take care - Alan
I feel humble after watching your artworks. We have different base's colors and you are magical with charcoals.
Many works are very close to impressionist reality of photographs. In some others I felt a more dynamic impulse to reach the image. You are a great one.
Hanging you, take care Alessio
Very Very NICE - Thank You for sharing.


Thanks for the email... and, yes, I am still enjoying the pieces.

Sorry I didn't reply earlier but my system was being rebuilt since I
clobbered it after I installed
a MS Security patch and just got it back this morning.

Thanks again,


Not sure which I enjoyed more, your artwork or your biography! Cudos on both. Seriously, your art is great. Keep up the good work. I actually found your site in an attempt to find some inspiration to continue my artistic pursuits. I (unfortunately ?) have had no formal training but continue drawing and painting non the less. Anyway, thanks again for sharing.
Best regards,
Tony (in Chicago)
Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your art
and appreciate your sharing your fascinating

Warm regards,

I enjoyed in particular the chalk pastels: Leather Boy Next Door and Leisure Boy(?)
Wish I could afford your work. Wish I could paint like that.
Hello Mr. David Haskins
I am writing from Lisbon (in Portugal).
I have been visiting your website and I thought I should thank you for having constructed it, so enabling me and many others to have the possibility to view your gay art .
I send my congratulations,and also my best friendly wishes to you and to your beloved and to all your best friends.
Hi Dave,
... my name's Dan. I'm from Westport MA and I'd like to tell you that I find your artwork highly inspirational! You have an incredible eye for detail and yet you manage to use subtle and limited lines to convey the beauty of men.

As an added note I work in Framingham. In the Saxonville section; it's a small engineering company. I'm the CAD/technical illustrator. After viewing your works on the website and those of several other gay artists, I have become inspired to start drawing again after many years of being "blocked". I'm not out yet, only to my wife, but I have started drawing and painting the male figure again.

Basically I just wanted to say thank you and that I find your artwork excellent.

Take care,


Soon will open in Bruxelles a new "open minded" place : l'Underground Kafé.

We plan to organise exhibitions (pictures, drawings, paintings, ...).

Are you interested ?

Best regards.

Press & Public Relations

What powerful work!

Thank you for sharing it.

I love your work! I am an artist in Chicago about to have my first showing after years of dreaming and finally trying it out and getting myself going. Now my biggest challenge is meeting my deadline.
I've received so much support from people around me and can't wait to see how things go.So many people have also asked me to "try drawing some women" of course I can but they seem to not get it. It's getting to the point where I am a little hostile about it.
I am doing the entire collection in pastel, which is why I loved seeing your work, besides that it is beautiful. I'd love your input(I can email you photos).
My first show is 18 pieces at a local bar on Halstead for 5 weeks (during which a street fair occurs that is like a second gay day here). They don't want to see any frontal nudity, so the next month I have a showing across the street of 10 pieces that can show it all. Prior to the first show I'm having an open house at my home to show it all together. I'm hoping to have 40 pieces finished. I'm taking a break from working right now at 1:30 AM.
I'm sorry to go on so but I got so excited when I saw your work, I really just wanted to tell you so. I'd love to hear from you. Sincerely, Shefton
Dear David W. Haskins,

I went through your gallery, and find it refreshing and captive.Would really not mind to own one of your art works, but as you can see, the E-MAIL is from South Africa and with the Rand / Dollar exchange we could be lucky to be able to affort maybe the frame.

You may call yourself an Artist.

Kind Regards,

Johnny B.
South Africa

I love your paintings, but can't afford one. If ever you sort of mess one up and want to sell it real cheap, I would appreciate you letting me know. Thanks.

Good Morning,

I just stumbled across your site and loved it. I'm sort of
new to the art scene, since I began figure modeling in
Dallas last year (and thoroughly enjoy it). So far, my
assignments have been at several of the local colleges, but
I'm interested in exploring more informal sessions - and
perhaps "edgier" work.

So when I found out I'd be spending a couple of weeks in
Miami, I thought I check out the local artists to see if
there might be something in the works that I might be of
assistance with.

Anyway, thanks for your time, and again, I enjoyed your


Wonderful website. Fabulous artwork. I enjoyed reading your bio, very much. Thank you for being one of my new bookmarks and my best to you.


I happened upon your webite by accident. I enjoyed your story and more, your art. I like the pencil or charcol mediums.

Thanx, Adam

I was cruising the art section of gayscape and I must compliment you on your work! You are one of the lucky ones with a great gift and an increbible talent ! Keep up the great work and hopefully I will be a customer one of the days ! Smile and be happy! Juan
Hello, I was searching for nude male models on the net ,when I came accross your web. Thank-you for sharing your wonderful Artwork with the world and me. I Enjoyed recieving a bit of fresh air observing your pieces, especially the pastels. They are all well executed and well done. I was also impressed with your honestly revealing bio. You have inspired me to keep trying and continuing my Art. My name is Tracey,Ohio,37 yrs. I am a lesbian with a partner for 6 yrs. I have always had the love of drawing with all mediums . I have had only high school art classes and have always dream of taking up professional art classes. I will be probably next year. That is my goal. Right now I'm back to producing Art pieces . My goal is to make a very diversified porfolio using different subject matter as well as a wide range of styles, from abstract to realism. Also , trying not to stick with just a few mediums, but a attempting the use of unfamiliar tools. One of a unfamiliar territory is figure and nude. I completed my 1st nude today with pastel. I recieved some very strong feelings of distastefulness from my partner and friends. They don't understand Art ,I guess. I had fun trying such a daring subject , nudity. I don't see the nude as nakedness ,as i do with what I was trying to accomplish with a 1st attempt. My Friends and partner only seen Boobs. I 'm trying to chalk up the neg. feedback as ignorant to what real art is.Its not their fault they haven't been exposed.So I cant take their oppinions to heart. I haven't sold or exposed my Art to any kind of professionalism (galleries ,apprasiers etc...). I attempting to go full force on this. I will complete my porfolio by the end of the year.then get it appraised. Where I go from there is anyones guess. I too , dream of having my work up with other hard hitters, such as yourself. Again , Thank-You for the inspiration and exposing me to your work. Take Care, Tracey. P.S I hope u didnt mind me sharing with u my strife,lol Thank-You Good luck!!

just wanted to congradulate you on some great art...beautifully executed and hot as hell....you sure have captured the male mystic
Dear David,

I finally got a chance to spend a little time with your site. I really liked some of your work very much, it has an intense Gauguinesque quality and is so unashamedly but deliciously erotic. Have you ever thought about doing note cards?

I loved the part in your bio when you wrote that you were ejected right out of the closet when your mother caught you in bed with your "suckbuddy." Your father vomitted. Love that short, very terse bit. Mom saw; Daddy vomitted.

I am delighted though that you are sharing these things with the world. Have you ever thought about showing at Leslie Lohman in NY? They are a gay art foundation, I have been involved with them for years, and some of your work would really please them, I think.

Have a good day,


You have a great web page! I'm fascinated by your art and the models that you use. Your guys David and Andrew are beautiful.

Thanks and good luck!


Hey, Dave,
Your work is outstanding... I cant get enough of your good taste, simply delicious!
I also worked on natural, but not as much as you.
It's an honour to know a true artist, we can discuss about our dreams in art. I'll be talking with you later - I am not in my own computer, you know;-)

Saw your web page and thought it was great. I love your work! I'd like to know how you get such awesome guys to pose for you. Anyway, I'm intersted in your work. In 1999, you drew a guy, and the wark is called "Order Filled" or "Mission Accomplished" or something like that. I love that piece and the model is awesome. He seems rugged and at the same time innocent and tough! He's in some of your other works (Andrew). Do you have any of him with another guy in a more sexually aggressive pose (top). I will call you in the next couple of weeks so that I can see some more work.

I think you're up there with TOM OF FINLAND!!!! Love your work.


Mr. Haskins,

I was profoundly struck by the quality
and expressionism of your work.

I simply have not one critique about
your work, it is so splendidly flawless
in form and in thought,... you are a
credit to the artistic community and
my hat's off to you.

Kindest Personal Regards,

Washington, DC
I've spent the last forty-five minutes browsing your website, and couldn't
leave without telling you how much I enjoyed your work AND your biography.
I must be honest in at least telling you that at this time in my life, I
couldn't possibly begin to afford any one of these wonderful pieces but the
very least I can do is thank you for sharing them on the website.

Keep up the wonderful work!


Hi David,

Our names are Ken and Paul. We live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We like
your site, and love your art -- very exciting.

We are life partners of over 7 years, and are learning art together right
now. We're completing Kimon Nicolaides' The Natural Way to Draw. One of us
(Ken) has just finished the book and is having a display, which is a
self-guided tour of the book using drawings from the thousands made as part
of the course. It will be in a one-person show during the month of October
at Basic Inquiry Studios in Vancouver.

We both love to draw M*E*N, and agree with you that the models we get in the
open drawing classes are predominantly women! So we've resorted to working
from photos of men, and will later get into using male models. Vancouver has
many gorgeous men, a few of whom we've already drawn.

Paul is definitely into the muscle hunks, and Ken's taste runs to younger
guys, but is adaptable. We have a miles-long exquisitely beautiful nude gay
beach in our city, and the wildlife is something to behold! Unfortunately
our climate is mostly WET and COLD, during the fall, winter and spring. So
we are busy right now getting the most out of our warm sunny days. The guys
in our city seem to want to wear as little as they can get away with when
the sun shines.

We don't have a digital camera as yet, but we do have a scanner. We both
like to work on pictures larger than the scanner size. Would you advise
getting a digital camera? What would you recommend?

Cheers, and keep up the great art work!
Ken and Paul

I saw your art on the net and I'm very pleased to say I think it is great!!
Hi David:
Just a short note to let you know that I think your work is most excellent.
I have book marked your site and plan to purchase one of your works. Thank
you so much.


I spent an hour going through your website. Your drawings are absolutely the
most exquisite art I have seen in 38 years of life! I had to keep going back
and studying some of your paintings. The colors are magnificent and.......I
just can't GUSH enough.

Please add to your website....I want to come back and see more!

Mark R.
Omaha, Nebraska
Hi my name is Greg.
I just wanted to complement u on the fantastic art work u have created.
Not that i can afford the great works of art, on a fixed income, wish i
could, but that's what life brings some time!! But any way i just had
to write u and let u know that i was very impressed with your work,
hope fully one day i may own one of your works of art. Keep up the
great work i will visit this site again to see anything new u may come
up with thanks for the great works of art
sincerely Greg
Dear David:

I hardly know where to start. I found your web site quite by accident,
was moved to tears by your biography, (laughter, too, at "Father
vomits."). Your life has been wonderful, and you are so lucky to lead
the life you live with the man you love.

Your artwork is simply stunning. It touched my arousal zones, including
the one between my ears. Your work spoke to my mind and soul and spirit.
I wish I were close enough to you to be a friend to you in everyday

I, too, create . . . as a writer. I am solitary (not by choice), but
finding uplifting things in music and words and art are almost enough to
keep me fighting the fight, hoping there is a soulmate out there looking
for me, too. I hope his spirit, if I ever find him, is as beautiful and
as directed as yours.

I'm sorry for the length of the message. I had to let you know you and
your work touched me this evening.

Love and blessings,

David, your work is outstanding. Love your use of colour, composition, subject matter! Youre tops! The first image would not load. Please try again. Thanks. Friend, Del
Very nice very latin somewhere between botero and kahlo.thank you.
David W. Haskins pictures are incredible. He's one of the best artists I've ever seen. Pitty I'm in Brazil, because I'd love to be drawn with my partner in a very bold pose. That's my dream, by the way, to keep a picture with the best years of my sexuality forever. I don't like porn, but I'm very bold about sexuality and that's what I love in nude art, it shows sex in a very elegant, beautiful and pure way, no vulgarity at all. It's simply perfect.

Congratulations, Mr. Haskins. Thank you for reading.

"Natural talent and an appreciation for hot guys" J.B - Boston, MA

I checked out your website. I can't afford to buy anything right now. I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed. Keep painting! You are very talented.

David, thanks for alerting me to you newly designed website, it's fan-tas-tic. You are simply my favorite artist working in America today for the male nude. Period.

Athletic Beauty made my heart race ... Wow ... Wish I had the money ... And the model's number ... LOL love from Virginia

You have some nice work on your website.
Hi Dave,

That's the one I remember, that model, Andrew, is REAL to me, like some of your other studies. I have studied "Alan On Vacation" and have learned a whole lot from it technically. I think I'll switch from pen and ink to chalk or charcoal or colored pencil on an ever so lightly toned paper. I haven't done a full tone drawing of a figure since art school days. Now, I love these studies, simply "as" what they are---loving observations of someone who, it comes across, is unaware, naturally of his own corporeal beauty, that's the best. You could say "innocent". I like that. Alan is not so innocent, but your picture of him shows us a virile and worldly and well cut man in his prime with a rigid comportment of his torso, and eyes fixed on you steadily.

Now Andrew is in a different universe, looking away, somewhat awkward but strong and game. Dave, I have recently resumed my "men drawing men" life drawing classes, so all of these issues are important to me as an artist.
Actually, I had had my mind set on this drawing for over a year, it would delight me to own it and hang it next to Alan.

You are my favorite male nude artist, bar none. Keep going.

Best, Rich

Hi..am 21 year old man from India..I love your work...your work reflects love.....

Please email me with your thoughts at

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