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David on Vacation chalk pastels, 2008 Having met friend David at a mutually loved beach, recreating a walkway to that beach for this background was appropriate.

Life Partners

spectracolor pencils, 2005 This couple had seen a flyer I had put up in Miami bookstore and this was the end result.

Portrait of Albert

chalk pastels, 1999

This European vacations every year in South Florida.

Through my website, he asked to schedule this work.

...a complete gentleman and fun to converse with.

Portrait of Bob

chalk pastels, 1996

This client requested this reflection / double view portrait

including the tux shirt, tie and "other" accessories.

This image lacks detail since it was upsized from a smaller file.

Portrait of Clarence

chalk pastels, 1997

Clarence wanted to look like someone people look up to.

So I literally sat on the floor to get this perspective.

Another happy client.

This image lacks detail since it was upsized from a smaller file.

Portrait of Keith

brown & white chalk pastels, 1996

Needing a work that he could show his mother, we chose this lower abs and up view.

Keith thought I had made him look like "a Nubian Warrior".

Portrait of Rick

chalk pastels, 1997

I had met Rick at one of my art gallery openings in Wilton Manors, Florida.

I was taken by his handsome Spanish/East Indian mix and we worked out

a barter arrangement for payment for this portrait.

Portrait of Theresa

chalk pastels, 1996

Here is the my one exception to haskinsmaleart.

After being impressed with my work,

Theresa asked if I would do one of her.

We both were happy with the results.


spectracolor pencils, 1996

We had met online for "other" activities.

During Beau's weekend visit, we created this portrait for him

and another work for me.

Commisioned Portraits - Payment Options

If you'd like to commission your own portrait, I have a few options:

Option 1: Currency Payment: monotone works: $300.00 or full color $500.00

Option 2: Time Barter: Pose for 2 works, you chose your favorite to keep.

Option 3: I have accepted services in exchange for portraits and am open to creative suggestions.

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